Meet our professional digital marketing team

Our team of seasoned professionals stands head and shoulders above the rest, armed with the knowledge, skills, and passion needed to skyrocket your brand’s visibility and drive tangible results.

David K

Founder / MD

With over 20 years of rich experience in digital marketing, consultancy, design, and branding, David has a deep understanding of the nuanced strategies needed to create effective and impactful digital campaigns.

David has instilled a culture of creativity, innovation, and continuous learning. He firmly believes that each project is an opportunity to push boundaries and create marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience on a deeper level.

His leadership has been instrumental in building a team of professionals who share his vision of leveraging digital platforms to create transformative brand experiences.

Sean O

Co-Founder / CTO 

Sean has been pushing the boundaries for 26 years, excelling across multiple disciplines, encompassing marketing, development and design.

A tireless passion for creativity and an unwavering commitment to success, Sean has established himself as a real force in the digital industry.

With a keen understanding of market trends and consumer needs, Sean has been instrumental in shaping the vision and growth of multiple successful projects for our clients. His strategic acumen plays a pivotal role in guiding companies from inception to thriving enterprises, to exit.

Dani A

Senior Marketing Manager

Dani is known for her adept handling of multiple projects simultaneously while ensuring each one is in line with the client’s objectives and delivered on time. Her outstanding organisational skills and meticulous attention to detail enable her to effectively manage resources and teams, ensuring that every project under her stewardship meets the highest standards of quality.

Dani is a certified professional in Google Search, Display & Shopping Ads and she possesses an intrinsic understanding of digital marketing strategies, including SEO, SEM, content marketing, and social media advertising. This allows her to effectively communicate with both the marketing team and the client, acting as a vital bridge between the two to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.


Bradley P

Digital Marketing Guru

With a natural knack for creative thinking and a razor-sharp analytical mind, Bradley has quickly ascended the ranks, carving out a unique niche for himself in the competitive world of digital marketing.

Bradley’s journey with Saturate began as an entry-level marketing analyst. He immediately stood out for his relentless dedication, tenacity, and a refreshing approach to digital marketing solutions.

Bradley is a certified professional in Google Adwords and Analytics, reflecting his commitment to staying ahead in the fast-paced digital marketing landscape. He is often found deep in the latest industry research, constantly enhancing his knowledge and finding new ways to drive success for Saturate’s clients.

Alex Y

PPC Architect

Alex is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing PPC strategies for a diverse range of clients. His mastery of Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and various social media advertising platforms, paired with his ability to interpret complex data, enable him to design campaigns that maximize clicks, drive conversions, and outshine competitors.

Alex is renowned for his ability to pinpoint the perfect balance between bid management, keyword selection, and demographic targeting. His innovative ad copy and landing page designs have proven time and again to enhance the user experience, leading to improved quality scores and lowered costs per click.

His vast knowledge in PPC is augmented by his proficiency in web analytics tools. He continuously tracks, analyzes, and reports on campaign performance, using these insights to fine-tune strategies, ensuring campaigns are always at peak performance.

Lauren F

SEM Specialist

Lauren has been with us for over 3 years now and is a highly respected team member, dedicated to Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Combining her technical proficiency with a passion for digital marketing, Lauren has been instrumental in driving client success through meticulously crafted SEM strategies.

James D

Design / Development

As a website developer, James possesses a strong technical foundation and is proficient in various programming languages and frameworks. His ability to seamlessly blend design elements with functional code allows him to create websites that not only look visually appealing but also perform optimally. James’s expertise extends to responsive design, ensuring that websites he develops are fully accessible and user-friendly across different devices and screen sizes.

What sets James apart is his comprehensive understanding of SEO and its impact on website visibility and ranking. He possesses a deep knowledge of on-page and off-page optimisation techniques, keyword research, and content optimisation strategies. By implementing SEO best practices into his website development and design process, James ensures that websites he creates are search engine-friendly, increasing their chances of ranking prominently in search engine results pages (SERPs).

With a keen eye for aesthetics and usability, James excels in designing intuitive user interfaces and captivating visual elements. He combines his design expertise with SEO considerations, creating websites that not only attract visitors but also engage and retain them. James understands the importance of user experience in SEO and strives to deliver seamless and enjoyable experiences that keep visitors coming back.

Robyn K

Senior Copywriter

Robyn possesses a mastery of the written word, skillfully weaving together persuasive narratives and engaging messages. Her ability to captivate readers and communicate brand stories effectively is rooted in her deep understanding of target audiences and their motivations. With a meticulous attention to detail, Robyn crafts copy that not only resonates with readers but also aligns seamlessly with SEO strategies.

Where Robyn also shines is her comprehensive understanding of SEO and its impact on content visibility and search engine rankings. She conducts extensive keyword research, utilising data-driven insights to optimise content for search engines while maintaining its readability and natural flow. Robyn implements on-page optimization techniques, such as strategically incorporating relevant keywords, crafting meta tags, and developing captivating headlines that both attract search engines and entice readers.

Brian S


Graduating with honors in Accounting, Brian is the ever-reliable beacon of financial wisdom in the whirlwind of creativity that is Saturate. Balancing budgets and crunching numbers with  enthusiasm, he ensures our agency’s fiscal health is as robust as our marketing strategies.

Armed with his trusty spreadsheet, Brian can make even the most intricate financial forecasts seem like a walk in the park. His accuracy and attention to detail are legendary within the office walls – rumor has it, he can spot an erroneous decimal point from 20 paces!

All in all, Brian is more than just our accountant at Saturate – he’s our financial superhero, joke-cracking companion, and the secret sauce to keeping our balance sheets, well, balanced. With his calculator in one hand and a coffee in the other, Brian continues to be an indispensable part of the Saturate family.

“We have a long term partnership with Saturate and boy do they deliver - quite simply they generate an incredible amount of leads for us - its a no brainer for us"