Taking a Look at Why Professional Design Matters

Let’s discuss why professional design matters for marketing campaigns and how working with an experienced agency can help you achieve your objectives.

With great design being an essential component of any successful digital marketing campaign, it’s clear that stunning aesthetics can help establish brand identity, improve the user experience and drive conversions!

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Why Professional Design Matters

Establishes Brand Identity

Strong aesthetics are critical to establishing your business’ brand identity. Your brand identity encompasses all of the visual elements that represent your company including your logo, colour scheme, typography and imagery. These elements work together to create a cohesive and memorable aesthetic that distinguishes your brand from competitors.

Any design agency worth their salt can help you to create a robust identity that accurately reflects your values and resonates with your target audience. In working with a good designer, you can ensure that your house style is consistent across all marketing materials, including your website, social media profiles and ad campaigns.

Improves User Experience

With Top Design Firms reporting that 42% of people will leave a website because of poor functionality, it’s apparent that an expertly constructed site/landing page can help to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions. This is because easy navigation, appealing visuals and mobile optimisation are more likely to engage and convert users. An agency such as Saturate can optimise your website’s layout, typography and imagery, ensuring that both navigation and communication are paramount to help with this.

Drives Conversions

In addition, a sleek visual profile can also drive conversions, as supported by GoodFirms’ study which highlights that 38.5% of web designers believe outdated design is the main reason visitors leave a website. Top designers understand the principles of visual hierarchy, colour theory and typography, which can be used to create sites that are effectively conversion machines.

In addition, collaborating with a pro agency means that you can obtain assets such as landing pages, display ads and other marketing materials specifically designed to drive conversions. A pro-designer can help you conjure such designs that are tailor-made for your target audience and aligned with your goals.

How a Professional Design Agency Can Help

Providing Expertise

Any stellar agency will understand the key principles of design and utilise this knowledge to craft websites that are both beautiful and effective. They should also be able to provide expertise in specific areas such as branding or advertising design, allowing you to tap into this wisdom and ensure that your marketing materials are designed to achieve your main objectives.

Ensures Consistency

Consistency is essential to establishing a strong brand identity. This includes your website, social media profiles, advertising campaigns and other marketing materials. In doing this, you can ensure that your branding is solid, reflecting your values and mission. This consistency can help to establish trust with your target audience and improve recognition.

Saves Time and Resources

Designing effective marketing materials can be time-consuming and requires a significant investment in software, hardware and training. In collaborating with professionals who have access to such tools, you can save time  and focus on other aspects of your marketing campaign to achieve high-quality, bespoke designs.

In Essence

Professional design is a critical component of any successful marketing campaign as it can help to establish your brand identity, improve the user experience and drive conversions, all the while providing expertise, consistency and saving time/resources.

When selecting an agency, it’s important to choose one that understands your business’ values and can create designs that align with your goals. Look for designers with a proven track record of creating powerful sites, and a team of experienced designers who are passionate about their work. Remember that design is a single cog in the machine of great marketing strategy; ensure that agencies are considering SEO-related elements in their work to maximise the visibility of your site too.

By following these steps, you can create marketing materials that are not only visually impressive but also permit you to obtain your marketing goals. Whether you’re looking to establish your brand identity, improve user experience or drive conversions, we at Saturate can help you to achieve your goals and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Get in touch and start capitalising on our award-winning services today.

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