Instagram Threads: A New Frontier for Digital Marketing

In the mercurial world of social media, Meta has recently unveiled its latest offering – Threads. This innovative app has quickly captured the attention of the digital marketing industry.

Allow Saturate to guide you through the opportunities that Threads can provide, and the potential impact on your business through our well-informed insights.

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Demystifying Threads

Threads presents a user interface reminiscent of a certain rival app – ‘X‘ (formerly Twitter). From the home page, users can engage with posts from others and utilise the search feature to connect with fellow users. Creating a thread is as simple as clicking on the notebook icon, and not unlike Instagram, the heart icon tracks recent account activity.

To dive into Threads, an existing Instagram account is required, so your username carries over seamlessly. For businesses, this means establishing an Instagram presence if you haven’t already. It’s worth noting that posts are limited to 500 characters and may encompass links, images and videos.

Threads’ Remarkable Performance

The launch of Threads witnessed an explosive surge in sign-ups within the initial 48 hours and crossed the 100 million user mark within a week. CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed astonishment when it reached 70 million sign-ups, emphasising that the app performed ‘beyond [their] expectations’. Surprisingly, this achievement largely relied on organic demand, with minimal promotional efforts. To put this into context, ChatGPT reached 100 million users in two months, and TikTok achieved the same milestone in nine months.

The app’s seamless integration with Instagram accounts facilitated user sign-ups, and its rapid growth makes it a formidable contender to watch in the social media landscape. Here are some intriguing statistics and insights:

Let’s Weigh Up the Pros and Cons


  • Ample Character Limit: Threads offers a generous character limit of 500 characters for posts, allowing users to convey more extensive messages compared to Twitter’s 280-character cap.
  • Extended Video Duration: Users on Threads can share videos of up to 5 minutes in length, a substantial increase compared to Twitter’s video limit of 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Customisation: Threads enables users to share their thread posts on Instagram, broadening their reach. Instagram feeds now feature Threads posts, enhancing user convenience. Additionally, users can create a dedicated Close Friends list for sharing personalised content.
  • Discovery: The app suggests posts from users and accounts that align with your interests, fostering new connections and expanding your follower base.


  • Limited Features: Threads is still in its infancy and lacks certain features available on other social platforms. Notably, there is no option to edit posts once they are published, and direct messaging is absent.
  • Lacking Community: Establishing a culture akin to Twitter’s longstanding tradition may be a challenge for Threads, given its newcomer status.
  • Reduced Freedom: While Twitter encourages trending topics, meme-sharing and hashtags, Threads is yet to incorporate these elements. This might limit your potential reach and follower count compared to other social media platforms.

Should Your Business Embrace Threads?

First-Mover Advantage

When a new social media platform emerges, its algorithm often prioritises content over ads initially. Threads currently emphasises content to earn user loyalty. Businesses that swiftly create accounts can secure their preferred usernames and capitalise on this first-mover advantage. This allows your business to establish a strong brand presence before competitors enter the fray.

Embrace Innovation

If your social media content has hit a plateau, Threads could breathe new life into your strategy. With a platform fostering creativity and collaboration, incorporating Threads into your digital marketing plan might be the innovation your business needs. Who knows, you might discover a receptive audience and gain a substantial following. 

Consider Longevity

While Threads is generating buzz, it’s essential to acknowledge that enthusiasm for new social media platforms can wane over time. Platforms like Vine, MySpace, and Clubhouse experienced periods of glory but eventually lost active users. Threads could follow a similar trajectory, so investing time in it requires careful consideration. 

Explore Alternatives

Your target audience may not be on Threads, making it an unsuitable platform for your business. In such cases, redirecting your efforts to established platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn or investing in paid social advertising might yield better results. 

The Lowdown

As Threads continues to evolve, Saturate will strive to gather data on user experience, engagement and brand awareness. Like any social media space, the decision to embrace a new platform, test and experiment ultimately lies with your business. The results might pleasantly surprise you.

You can download Threads from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Connect with our team of digital marketing experts at Saturate, and let us guide you through the potential benefits that Threads can offer, alongside the best practices for social media marketing. Get in touch today, and capitalise upon our wide range of services to enhance your online visibility, generate leads and foster business growth now.

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